Hello Everyone!


Welcome to leannecresswell.uk!

I’m Leanne (if that wasn’t obvious already), I’m 22 years old and from East London. This blog was created in 2018 and features all things Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Music, Health, and Food.

When I’m not blogging, I am either spending my monthly wage in a coffee shop, watching Disney films, or constantly telling everybody about my cute dog – yes I AM dog obsessed.

I also Co-Host a podcast called ‘The C-Pod‘. It’s an insightful series where we discuss being a young person who has battled and survived the horrible illness that we call Cancer. It’s pretty chilled, honest and humorous at times and it would be amazinggg if you could check it out!

Anyway, I have a tendency to waffle, so I’ll let my blog posts do that instead! Have a nose around and enjoy! ox