April Goals

This week has marked the start of a new month. Hello April!

I must admit, with the clocks going forward, it’s a relief to see our days expanding here in the UK… but the warmth can hold off for a tiny bit longer – save the planet ya’ll.

Recently, I have found myself stuck in some kind of a rut, where I’m struggling to find the motivation to do the things that I love most. I think that this is partly because I have recently handed in my University Project/Dissertation (hooray!), so I’ve been feeling pretty burnt out!

I figured that there was no better way to start a brand new month, other than creating a list of new goals to achieve. I like setting goals and I’m hoping that this way, I will get shit done, as well as gaining some inspo and motivation!

Goals for April:

01. Begin to work on my final deadline for university. I can’t believe that I only have ONE more deadline left before I’ve finished for good – eek!

02. Start practicing Yoga weekly. If I’m honest, my bodys flexibility has always been utterly rubbish, but I am really keen to see if Yoga will make a difference with my Post-Chemo back and leg pains.

03. To begin Blogging again. I used to LOVE blogging, especially when I was ill. However, with being in my third year at uni, I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and write in a long time! I am still trying to figure out the type of content that I enjoy producing, but I’m sure I’ll get there!

04. Listen to more podcasts. This one shouldn’t be a problem, because podcasts have become my new obsession. I truly have been enjoying podcasts that educate me, so now I am on a mission to find more!

05. Finish Game Of Thrones Season 6+7 before the new series! Okay, I know that this is more of a leisure goal, but I am taking this one pretty seriously. I never jumped onto the GOT hype, up until last year – which yes, is shameful! I still have two more seasons to watch before the new one starts, so it’s me against the clock!

What goals have you set for yourself this month?







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