October 15, 2019

My Blogging Journey

I first started blogging back in November 2014. I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, and had to drop out of University, in exchange for intense chemotherapy. As you can imagine, I was sick, and so so bored. I had to find new ways to spend my time, as I was too unwell to have a social life.

As someone who has always loved reading blogs, and watching YouTube, I decided to create my own. Despite how bad I was at blogging at the beginning, I treated this new hobby of mine like a career (I mean, I had nothing better to do!) I used my website to discuss my interests, as well as my Cancer journey, and experiences. I couldn’t get enough of it, and it felt extremely rewarding when people engaged with the posts that I had created.

But then I quit…

After 2 years of blogging, I found myself stuck in limbo. All I seemed to know was Cancer, and despite the fact that I had been given the all clear… Cancer had become my life, and my blog reflected that. I wanted to step away from the Cancer world, and just be Leanne again.

Switching from my Cancer identity to my own was tough. I think when you go through an experience like that, everything happens so quickly, and you don’t have time to process the situation. So when you finally do reach remission, and finish treatment, everything catches up with you… and it’s almost hard to believe! This defo happened to me, and it affected my mental health pretty badly. When I would log into my blog, all I would see was Cancer posts… Cancer this… Cancer that… it wouldn’t stop! With a frustrated mind, I went ahead and deleted my blog.

After a few years off, I’m back!

I had to create a new blog for a university module, and decided that I couldn’t leave it sitting here. Whilst I am job searching, I want to rekindle my love for blogging… so here I am! I don’t know about you, but I tend to feel really inspired in the Autumn/Winter months… especially when it comes to my blog!

I’m really excited to be back on the bandwagon, and I’m hoping to create regular content!

So what can you expect?

I have always LOVED food (who doesn’t!?), but recently, I have really enjoyed cooking new recipes, and I want to share them with you! Along with posting these recipes on my blog, I am also going to start a YouTube Channel where I will show you how to cook these recipes step-by-step – E X C I T I N G! Aside from that, I will be posting lifestyle, travel, and even Cancer posts! I’m definitely in the right headspace to talk about my experience now, and I’m ready!

Watch this space!


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Hello dears, I’m Leanne!

After being diagnosed with Cancer at 18, I have been fascinated with health, and wellbeing. Before Cancer, I abused my body by trying out all of these crazy diets, over exercising, and going out on the lash every weekend.

Now in remission, I want to ensure that I am happy, and most importantly… healthy.

I have a huge passion for cooking, and want to share some super tasty recipes with you all, as well as lifestyle, and travel bits! I also want to raise awareness for Teenage Cancer, and help as many individuals as I can!