[Album Review] Fickle Friends – You are Someone Else

The Album Cover of Fickle fRIENDS

On the 16th March, impatient fans saw the five-piece indie pop band, Fickle Friends, release their long-awaited debut album ‘You Are Someone Else.‘ The Brighton-based group has been rising on the popularity scale since having released two EPS, Velvet in 2015 and Glue in 2017.

After working on their sound for five years, Fickle Friends have produced 16 songs where guitar strings meet pop. The album starts off with their upbeat track, ‘Wake Me Up,’ which happened to be the last song that was written for their record. Full of quirky beats, the opening track describes dead-end relationships whilst capturing a strong sense of the bands’ unique vibe.

Reflecting on their youth, each song on the album discusses a variety of issues that any human being may experience, such as love, friendship, mental health, and heartbreak. Yet, what makes this album so successful is the band’s ability to take a risk by creating a different feel to every track, whilst flowing extremely well together.

Fans that have followed Fickle Friends from the very beginning will be conversant with classics such as ‘Swim’, ‘Hello Hello’ and ‘Say No More’, which together, belong on a feel-good Summer playlist. New material such as ‘Bite’ and ‘She’ mixes up 80s pop influences, whilst putting lead singer Natti’s effortless vocals into the spotlight.

Tracks such as ‘Lovesick’ and ‘Heartbroken’ demonstrates the issue of losing a loved one in a very upbeat tone and makes being heartbroken seem like a party. The band took to Twitter to describe ‘Heart Broken as:

Another fairly calm piece from the album is ‘Paris’ – which never fails to impress me with how smooth the sound is. One of my personal favourites from the album is ‘Brooklyn’. This song is one of those where you will find yourself singing it over to yourself without even realising. It has more of a pop sound which normally wouldn’t be my preferred genre however, it’s clear the band have worked hard to find an ideal balance of melodious guitar riffs and simple, yet effective drum beats mixed with their electronic sound.

Allegedly one of the oldest songs on the album, ‘Midnight’ has undergone a fair few adjustments in order to turn it into something the band was all sold on; it’s certainly a valuable addition to the album. The penultimate track ‘She’ is perhaps one of the most unique sounding tracks on the album, however, this most certainly isn’t a negative thing.

Finally, the album closes with ‘Useless’. It’s a reasonably steady song, with fewer synth sounds and far more emphasis on the pure drum and guitar rhythms. Although there are other songs which are possibly catchier and would end the album on a bang a bit more, it is one of the most interesting songs lyrically.

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